Clubhouse MotorSports llc

In the never ending quest to keep life as fun as possible.
It is time to get back to a simpler time, where work was a labor of

What We Do

Specialising in Ducati service work  but happy to bond with other
brands as well.

From tune-ups to tear downs, all phases of service.

Full suspension services

Suspension set ups from simple to geometry modifications. Working
to make your motorcycle handle the way it was designed ....Or

Ride improvements through proper set-up to improve ride quality.
Suspension is not just for racers, we work with you to tune your
suspension for where you ride.  

Ohlins certified, experienced with Showa, KYB,  Marzzocci,
sachs-boge, paoli, penske, works performance, koni and Fox
always looking forward to new brands to try.

We offer full service with an emphases on working with the
customer, never forgetting it is the customer who we are working for.
Motorcycles are not just a paycheck, they are as much a part of who
we are as family.
Another year down and a great big thank you to all of  you who have
helped  Clubhouse MotorSports continue to grow this past year.

None of this would be possible with out you!

Yes this means I blame you for my lack of sleep and
  inability to get in  
Quality riding time. Don't worry though I have plans to remedy this next
season .... well the riding part anyway

Often asked about what products we prefer, here is a selection of  
Items used (and abused) by our top notch testing staff of abusers.
Trust me these people can destroy most anything so if it can survive
them you should be good to go.
Not just a pretty oil
I have been using and selling Klotz motor oil for a couple of decades
now . When I decided to strike out on my own with Clubhouse
Motorsports there was no decision to be made when it comes to my
choice of oil.

Favorites are the KL-840 and KL-850 motor oils for 10/40 and 20/50
protection. Used in race bikes as well as street bikes doing everything
from city duty to touring cross country. Klotz has never let me down

I get to tear apart motors all the time and I see the damage from oil
break down. Motor oil is not something I take lightly, I trust klotz.
The other Italian master cylinders
Okay we all know Brembo, now I would like to introduce you to
Accossato.  I discovered them through the good people at Galfer usa.
and have been impressed ever since. Most of us are not familiar with
the company though they have been around a long time ( almost longer
than me but lets not go there).

Used at the highest levels of racing they are right at home in world
superbike racing. Now you can run the same level of  control that has
helped racers become champions.

Contact us for prices.
19x18 forged brake master cylinder. With folding lever.
19x18 forged brake radial master cylinder
16x18 forged Clutch master cylinder
with folding lever
16x18 forged clutch master cylinder.
16x18 forged
BRAKE   Master cylinder.
Is your bike in the shop?
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